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DJ Professor Stone Mixes

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DJ Professor Stone in the Mix

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Genuine Bass with Dj Professor Stone

Every second Friday
Veni Vidi Vici in the Tower District 
1116 N. Fulton St.

Fresno, CA 93728

Dancehall Business

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I was going to make this release another “StoneyCast” however this one’s special …

               1990 … In the beginning, it was my first encounter with the Dancehall Dj, that I knew this genre was going to be a world of music and culture I’d explore to the fullest. “Wow! Jamaican Techno” is what I was calling it. I remember how flabbergasted I felt after a red hot Slim International set, or Dj Toks set inna di days called “Flex”. Wicked sets via Club Dread from S.F. and listening to mixtapes by Gary G & Reggae-lution, Massive B, Stone Love, Musical Mix, DJ Karim, plus many more wicked sound systems I could follow back then.  I’d be like, “How in the world can I do all this at once? Just like this? And flex like so?” The answer was, friends! One on the wheels and another managing records. One or two on the mic and another monitoring sound and effects, plus a few on dancefloor vibes and crew.

               After the closing of my record store in 2003 (R.I.P. Zion’s Gate <3) I had come to know it was time to branch out and explore, and learn as much as I could about this new Bit Rate Era for Dj’s and these new “producer” guys (who are basically doing the same thing, just with their own personal music). I was very fortunate and, “on the map” enough to promoters, who would embrace this movement and create great gatherings. I’d do my very best to weave Dancehall vibes into each set I was invited to play.

               Dancehall Business is a super fun Sexy, Funky, Jump-Up, Shock-Out, Dancehall Reggae mix featuring many of the styles within Dancehall Club Culture you would hear if you were there. Some slackness & explicit lyrics can be noticed however they are what you make of them. I’d like to invite you to enjoy this mix and give your body a fun break and shock out all over your living room! I’m releasing “Dancehall Business” directly from where you are free to stream at no cost and download. For download you will be asked for your email so I can email the DL directly. Your address will not be used to solicit. I will also add Dancehall Business to my mixcloud if you’d like to follow DJ Professor Stone from there. Your support will be deeply appreciated…

2019 Stoney

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